Adult, Adolescent & Child Psychiatry

Dr. L.M. JohnstonI will briefly summarize my education, clinical practice and teaching in order to highlight my background. Subsequent to graduation from medical school with an M.D., I was trained in psychiatry with three years of adult psychiatric residency, followed by two years of child psychiatric residency, and became board certified as a psychiatrist. After residency, I completed 12 years of psychoanalytic training and became certified first as an adult psychoanalyst, then later as a child and adolescent psychoanalyst. Since 1983, I have practiced privately and have always taught psychiatry and psychoanalysis in the clinical setting of medical school, psychiatric residency, and/or psychoanalytic training.

During the first session, I undertake a comprehensive evaluation in order to facilitate an understanding of diagnostic considerations and various treatment options. I offer medication when indicated, in the context of a treatment relationship that follows the course of response to medication.

I offer psychotherapy, particularly a psychodynamically informed psychotherapy, when it is agreed to be beneficial. In some clinical situations, I offer a combination of medications and psychotherapy when it is determined to be most effective. I offer psychoanalysis when it is requested and understood to offer the most sustaining, long term treatment outcome.

I use adjunctive referrals to neurology, neuropsychology, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy, addiction treatment, educational consultation or any other points of intervention that are helpful in order to establish the best care.

Dr. L.M. Johnston's Curriculum Vitae